Adobe Required Wood Fuel PelletBond Printable Brochure

Wood Fuel PelletBond

Feature Benefits

  • Natural

  • Odor Free

  • Lowers Energy Usage

  • Clean Burning

  • Durable Pellets

  • Low Ash

  • More Throughput on Mills

An All Natural Pellet Binder

Manufactured from modified corn starch, PelletBond provides a high quality all-natural binder and die lubricant
for pellets.

No longer do you have to use noxious, hard to handle chemical binders. Now there’s a better solution which has been tested and proven successfully. Industry innovators have already switched to this new and exciting natural product.

Cost Savings


Efficient Lubricant
PelletBond works to help abrasive product through mill when activated by steam. More product through, less amps on mill motors.

All Natural
Manufactured by an all natural and environmentally safe process, PelletBond has no added chemicals producing a safe binder.

Odor Free
PelletBond is made in a clean food grade environment and free from any noxious or harmful odors.

Safe, Free Flowing, Easy Handling
Why expose your people to harsh hard to handle binders, when there is a better option? PelletBond

Low Inclusion
Recommended 6-10lbs per ton

Used by major industry producers and innovators

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